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Honshin Junior Golf Challenge

Honshin Junior Golf Challenge

Honshin Junior Golf Challenge is an event that is organized during school holidays for junior players in Handicap, PC and even Non PC categories.


The idea to the start of this event was to provide junior players with more competitive platform to put their skills to the test, and gaining exposure in competing before they move on to bigger events. It is a good platform for them to understand the different aspects in this sport if they wish to pursue further in this competitive path.


Instead of just a stroke play event, we include a chipping and putting contest to narrow down the focus in order for players to have an opportunity to excel in the different segments.


Through participating in this event, we would like to mainly educate players to be more independent, and be more prepared for bigger events in the future.


Secondarily, we hope to provide this platform for players to mingle and make new friends that will keep this game exciting and enjoyable!

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