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Club Repair

Honshin Golf specializes in clubs custom fitting. Since 2000, we have been in business as a component supplier, custom fitting and assembling of clubs. Our Club Fitting Centre started with the belief that all golfers should experience the benefits provided by custom-fitted golf equipment without the high prices that the OEM charges.

Our one stop shopping provides a variety of high quality golf equipment, components and accessories. Premium customer service and good quality products are the reasons for our continued success. Honshin Golf strives to provide not only great and new club head designs, but also swift order deliveries.

Whether you are a club maker looking for club heads, shafts and grips, or a golfer looking for custom-fit clubs, we have what you are looking for at very competitive prices. All items on our site are available as components as well as fully assembled clubs custom-fit to your individual specifications.

For clubs, be it lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, length, loft, grip size, total weight, balance point, frequency matching club aesthetics, club design or set make up, we provide the services to adjust them for you and recommend new purchases when necessary. For putters, the issues may be length lie, loft or weight. Custom fitted clubs will improve your game and bring down your scoring average.

Why customize your clubs?

Every golfer is unique. A club bought off the shelf may be a “club-that-fits-all”, not made according to your swing and ability. A customized set of Honshin clubs aids in developing golfer distance, accuracy, trajectory and backspin, as well as your natural swing and maximize the use of centrifugal force.

While techniques such as your swing and golf-specific fitness are important, the right equipment is also necessary to improve your game. Selecting and playing with a custom fitted golf set for your unique swing and skill level will enhance the sporting experience.

Why is a custom-fit grip important to your hand?

A grip which is too small will increase the hand action speed, causing the club head to pull left or to create a hook. A grip that is too large will slow down the hand action and will cause the club head to a push or a slice
Every golfer needs equipment to suit their specific needs. Honshin Golf offers a wide range of grips in different textures and sizes.


  • Re-Shafting
  • Re-Gripping / Saving Grip
  • Eetension / Shortening
  • Assemble of Clubs
  • Loft / Lie / Swingweight
  • Golf Equipment Analysis