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Lions Cubs

*Check out the latest Lion Cubs Golf Championship 2017

Lion Cubs Golf Championship @ National Level is an annual competition that opens to all Primary School students in Singapore. All handicap players and players with a Proficiency Certificate (PC) are qualified in this event. This event has a unique rewarding system that is specifically the tournament committee board has calculated and each player has to achieve the specific score in order to attain the corresponding award.


This is a competition against one’s mind and the course. With this format, we are able to let the participants focus on themselves and their game, pushing them to their limits and putting their skills to the test.


PC players will be awarded based on their scores in one round of 9 holes. Handicap players will complete 2 rounds of 9 holes, be awarded based on the better round and in addition, there are awards for finishing top 10 their respective divisions!


Fostering friendship, providing a platform for Singapore’s young and upcoming talents to showcase their skills and pushing their minds to handle and breakthrough from pressure are the main and primary idea of this competition!

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