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Junior Programs

Level 1

Golf Introduction

5 - 6 years of age:
Students will be given a basic golf introduction to build their interest and basic skills. Very young students will need time to learn and adopt the skills. It will take 8 months - 1 ½ years to complete level 1, and depending on their progress before upgrade to level 2.

7 – 8 years of age:
Basic golf introduction to develop their interest and skills. Basically a fast learner takes 7 months -1 year to complete level 1. Regular practice will help them complete this level at a shorter time.

9 – 16 years of age:
Basic golf introduction to develop their interest and skills. It will take 3-4 months to complete level 1 as they will be focused during the lesson.

Level 2

Basic Golf Clubs

Has basic golf introduction and able to use the basic golf clubs like #7 iron, wood, putter and wedge. Under this level, students learn to focus on basic posture, gripping, half swing, short game and usage of woods. Students who can handle well with the basic swing will be brought to the golf course twice a month to further build their interest and test their understanding of what they have learn.

Level 3

Rules and Etiquette of Golf

In this level student should know all the basic golf skills and familiar with their swing and play. Beside basic golfing skills, students must also be familiar with Rules & Etiquette of Golf on the course as well as playability skills. There will be more on course lessons arranged for them to get the PC (Proficiency Certificate). Students who have passed their PC test will be promoted to Level 4

Level 4

Proficiency Certificate

Students with Proficiency Certificates will take 6 months to complete this level. Level 4 students are encouraged to participate in Junior Golf competitions and Club’s monthly medal. Students will be given advanced training on the course and understanding more of the Rules and Etiquette of Golf. Students also need to play at the course to prepare for the Handicap Test. Students who are ready will go for a courtesy round to get the handicap index card

Level 5

Handicap Players

Students will be trained and encouraged to participate in Junior Golf competitions and monthly medals. Training will be focused on playability skills and they will be given guidelines for the next step.

Level 6

Tournament Team

Serious golfers who are seeking greater advancement for both skills and mental barriers to take part in major tournaments.