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School program

Honshin Golf Academy is proud to present our new Introduction of CCA Golf to School Instructional Program. Our mission is to promote the game of Golf through comprehensive instructional opportunities encompassing all facets of the game and catering to all skill levels. With our expertise and passion for golf, we strongly believe golfers will develop confidence and enjoy their game of golf throughout their lives. We provide best service and solutions that will assist and safety for our student. Students develop excellent concentration and good habits and build lasting confidence and self belief. Coaches’ teach the student regardless of the student’s ability. We provide program’s for students to strive for excellence so that they will become disciplined. We help student to build lasting confidence and self belief.

Co-curricular Activity CCA Golf to School

Style of teaching regime with a team of experts that will assist and provide consultancy services pertaining to golf issues to your school.
List of school:

  1. 1. Naval Base Primary School
  2. 2. Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
  3. 3. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  4. 4. Methodist Girls School Primary
  5. 5. Nan Hua Primary School
  6. 6. St Anthony Primary School
  7. 7. Nanyang Primary School
  8. 8. St Gabriel Primary School
  9. 9. Bukit Timah Primary School

Golf Theory Workshop

Golf Theory Workshop is to assist each student in attaining their personal golfing goals by providing a higher level of instruction, game practice plans and proper resources needed for game improvement.

Junior Golf Challenge

Junior Golf Challenge helps the student to enhance their potential, stamina and prepare them to be a better player. It helps every junior enjoy the sport of Golf.